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Frequently Asked Questions

 Can I change my login ID?

The login ID you sign up with is permanent and cannot be changed. Please choose your login ID carefully at registration. Also note that your login ID is not and should not match your in-game characters names for security reasons.

 How do I change my password/email address?

Click the "My Account" button located at the top of web pages (after logging in). From the "My Account" page your password and other personal information related to your account can be changed.

 I forgot my password/login ID. What should I do?

Click the "?" button at the top of web page. You will be taken to a screen. You will need to provide your email address in order to successfully retrieve your password and login ID.

 I forgot the answer to my security question. What can I do?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to retrieve your account information without the correct answer to your security question. This is done for security reasons. During registration, be sure to pick a security question/answer that is memorable, but not easy enough that another person could easily guess the answer.

 How do I take a screenshot in the game?

Press the "Print Screen" or "PrtScr" key on your keyboard to take a screenshot while in-game. The captured screenshot goes into the "ScreenShots" folder which is located inside of the directory where you installed The Aurora World.

 Another player was rude/insulting. What can I do?

You can report instances of user abuse using the "Contact Us" function found in the support center. Be sure to include any relevant proof of the incident (for example, a screenshot). Harassment of other TAW players is against the GBE Terms of Use and the GBE User Abuse policy. Offending accounts will be banned in all cases and without warning or explanation. Always treat other TAW players with kindness and respect.

 I see another player with an inappropriate name that offends me. Can I report this?

You can report offensive usernames using the "Contact Us" function found in the support center.

 Can I take advantage of 3rd party marco software or a programmable keyboards/mouse?

GBE does not condone the use of any software/tools that allow automated gameplay. Only marco systems, which are built into the game, are allowed.

 My account was stolen! Can I get my items back?

Unfortunately, we cannot restore items and accounts that are the victim of theft. Though we'd like to help you, there is no way for us to verify the account/items were actually stolen. Prevent your account from being stolen or hacked by keeping your account information private. Never give out your GBE login ID or password to anyone.

 What is hacking?

As it pertains to GBE game titles, hacking is the use of a third-party program, or the alteration of game install files, in order to gain an in-game advantage or change the game in a way not intended by its creators or GBE. As stated in the GBE Terms of Use, any alteration of game files can result in the banning of your user account, under any circumstance. As it pertains to GBE user accounts, hacking can refer to any action taken to gain access to another player's account. This is against the GBE Terms of Use and swift action will be taken against any offending users/accounts. Prevent your account from being hacked by keeping your account details a secret. The GBE staff will never ask for your account password or any personal information attached to your account. Never give out your password to anyone.