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The Guardians

"Long ago, wise-elders looked to the heavens to tell a story that one day, a few legendary heroes would be able to unlock the secrets of the Guardians and lead all good towards salvation. These anomalies, known as guardians, were said to be embodiments of the soul that when awakened, would reveal to its owner, unimaginable power!"

Class guardians

What is the Guardian System?

The Guardian system allows a player to boost their character(s) basic attributes to new heights.

When you reach level 80, a quest will become available and upon completion, will unlock the hidden guardian spirit; unique in appearance to the class it'll empower.

Guardian Anatomy

Upon receiving your guardian, the first thing you'll probably notice is the lack of flash or intricate visual details. This is because when unlocked, a guardian's appearance is at an infant stage. As your guardian levels, its appearance will begin to morph and take shape.

Guardian evolution Guardian experience

Leveling a Guardian

Since guardians are entities of mass power, they'll need focused attention in order to master. Thus, you cannot level your character and your guardian at the same time (it's one or the other). To achieve this, look to your character info-panel and you'll see an icon similar to a yin-yang or a character with a cap. Toggle this to specify which you'd like to gain experience for. There is a daily EXP meter, when it's depleted you'll be unable to level anymore.

Guardian Dungeons

Empowering Your Guardian

To strengthen your guardian and exponentially increase your character's base attributes, you'll need to use Soul Pearls (sometimes called soul beads) collected from doing each dungeons guardian level: Forgotten Cemetery (guardian needs to be lvl 2), Devil Village (guardian needs to be lvl 5), Invisible Dungeon and Unreal Cave (both dungeons require your guardian to be lvl 8 or above).

Soul Pearls

Obtained through dungeons or exchangeable from the Hidden Master with medals (NPC located at the Private Shop area in the main city), these unique stones strengthen your guardian spirit by offering varying attributes. These stats can be reset with a soul pearl reset scroll (currently only obtainable through GM events). Combine soul pearls with spirit stones and one could potentially raise their overall base attributes by 40-45%!

Types of soul pearls Guardian UI

Types of Soul Pearls

There are four types of soul pearls: Seiryu (Dragon), Byakko (Tiger), Suzaku (Phoenix) and Genbu (Turtle-snake). Soul pearls will only fit in their specified slots in the guardian UI.

Seiryu and Genbu soul pearls focus on defensive stats, while Suzaku and Byakko soul pearls focus on offensive stats.

Soul pearls can be equipped and removed, but for higher grade versions, they'll become bound to the character on equip and unable to trade.

Spirit stones

Spirit Stones

There are 10 levels of spirit stones (collected through dungeons from random drops, rewards from Nation War and clan wars) denoted by color; low-grade, mid-grade and high-grade. Each grade also specifies the stones level, 1-3 being green and so forth in that order.

Strengthening Soul Pearls

To increase the energy of soul pearls, you must use spirit stones which will empower the base stats of the desired soul pearl by a percentage. Simply pressing on the [+] next to the soul pearl will open a UI box that will allow you to embed the stone. The level of the spirit stone will only work based on your guardian's level. For example, a level 4 guardian cannot accept a level 3 spirit stone.

Enchanting soul pearls with spirit stones

Crafting Soul Pearls

On top of collecting spirit stones through PVE or taking part in PVP events, you can also craft higher level stones with existing lower grades. In the main city of each nation, speak to the NPC guide Hanhan (Eos), Voung (Helios) or Kroos (Selene) located near the weapons district (usually next to the enchanter NPC).

Two level 1 spirit stones can be combined to create one level 2 spirit stone. As the stone levels increase, the resources needed will increase as well. When you've reached level 5, the next phase to level 6 will introduce a chance for failure. If there is a failure, a spirit stone from the total needed to craft will be consumed. However, you can use a spirit stone protection scroll to prevent losses (currently only obtainable through GM held events).

Crafting spirit stones

As you can see, the guardians are an extremely powerful system one must master if they want to continue to take on new and ever-growing challenges. If you're able to perfect the stats of each soul pearl, your character will become a force to be wreckoned with!