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Life Skills

Finding it hard acquiring the right gear? Well, mastering
your life skills' is one way you can go about it!
The higher your life skills, the easier it is to craft
high-level equipment.

  • Weapon Crafting
    • Craft your weapon blueprint to obtain a better weapon and have chance of producing better weapon attributes
  • Armor Crafting
    • Craft your armor blueprints ranging from helm, chest, belt, bracer and boots and have chance of better armor attributes
  • Accessories Crafting
    • Accessories such as a headband, necklace, badge, and rings can be crafted through accessories crafting skill
  • Medication Crafting
    • Craft your own potions and pills to help you adventure further and survive much longer
  • Collection skills
    • Collect materials such as metals, gems, herbs, and fabrics scattered all around Aurora World as your crafting ingredients