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Unique anomalies of The Aurora World, majinns come in many forms. If you're lucky enough to obtain one, they will be your guardian throughout your travels. As your character grows, so does your Majinn; acquiring skills that will assist you in battle. When out of conflicts, you can use your majinn as a mount to traverse the world quicker.

Majinn Functions

Mount - When a majinn reaches level 20, it can operate as a mount to help its master travel faster.

Battle Companion - As a majinn levels and gains experiences through battle, it'll be able to learn attack skills to better assist its master. With its "soul capture" ability, a majinn can absorb an enemy's soul to increase its special skills.

Majinn Types

metalMetal - Specializes in single-target attack

woodWood - Specializes in recovery

waterWater - Specializes in lowering target's speed

fireFire - Specializes in multiple-targets attack

earthEarth - Specializes in defense